Mehrere Labels für Umweltverantwortung

Der Schutz der Umwelt war schon immer ein zentrales Anliegen der New Wave Group. Die 2017 eingeführte, umweltfreundliche Marke Cottover verfügt über mehrere Ökolabels.

These certificates attest to the great endeavor in favor of a sustainable development of the textile industry and guarantee this towards the customers. The joint appearance of four independent labels guarantees both resellers and end users a high level of security.  

Important certifications:

  • Fair trade thanks to Fairtrade.
  • Full traceability thanks to GOTS. The New Wave Group SA in Cortaillod has doubled its eco-efforts with the GOTS label. The energy values ​​are much better than before and will be further improved this year thanks to the installation of solar panels.
  • The Nordic Ecolabel has very strict requirements for the impact of products throughout their lifetime.
  • OEKO-TEX guarantees that the garments are free from harmful substances.